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Candy Stripers:A White Stripes Art Community [entries|friends|calendar]
Candy Stripers

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[03 Jul 2005|09:39pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

TWS Art I Made...Check ItCollapse )

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/Hello:)/ [28 Jun 2005|06:26pm]

My little work on white stripes pix:
Tomorrow I'll see them live in my town!
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First Post-Icons [25 Jun 2005|02:12am]

As a new community founded by someone who does not currently have access to any picture/animation programs, I would like the for the community members to make and post potential icons for the community. Put these icons into posts, not comments on this entry. I will choose, out of all of them, the three best. The only requirements are:
1.)It is an original icon, not from a website or anywhere else.
2.)It represents the community well.
3.)Each person can post only three potential icons.
4.)It must be White Stripes-themed.

The rest is up to you. It does NOT have to have the community name in it anywhere, but it certainly can.

All entries made for the purpose of suggesting community icons must have the subject line "COMMUNITY ICONS." After I have chosen the three icons, I will make an entry showing which three I have chosen.

Thank you, and have fun!
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