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Candy Stripers:A White Stripes Art Community

Candy Stripers
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MODERATED BY: 3daysandspoiled

This is a community created to share original White Stripes-themed artwork, icons, desktops, screencaps, etc.

The only rules of this community are:
1.)That you keep it clean (this means words and pictures).
2.)That anything you post be somehow relevant to the theme of the community-The White Stripes. This means do not promote communities that are unrelated to the White Stripes or make personal entries, shoutouts, whatever.
3.)All artwork is open to criticism. Please do not get your feelings hurt if somebody doesn't like your artwork or suggests how you could improve it.
4.)With the exception of icons (which are small), please put all pictures behind a Livejournal cut.
5.)If you choose to promote (which by all means is welcome), please promote ONLY to promotion communities and other White Stripes communities (if they allow such promoting).
6.)With the exception of screencaps, all work MUST be original.
Failure to abide by these rules will result in immediate expulsion from the community.

Thank you, and by all means, get out there and share your art.